The Laser Skin Center / Medical Spa • 119 Newbury Street #2 • Boston, MA.
The Laser Skin Center


Latest generation laser technologies available. Treats all skin types & all hair colors - quickly & effectively.

The Laser Skin Center Medical Spa™ uses non-invasive lasers specifically designed to eliminate hair from all parts of the body. One laser has great applicability for lighter skin types, while another is specifically for sun tanned patients and those with darker pigmentation.

The various systems generate intense, long pulses of laser light through a cooled hand piece. The lasers disable unwanted hair follicles, thus impairing their growth. There is absolutely no damage to the overlying skin. Any one or all of these lasers may be used.


What we are actually doing is creating an optical (light) energy in the Laser device which is attracted to the pigment (color) contained in the hair shaft, travels down the hair shaft, disabling the hair follicle, thereby preventing regrowth. Several treatments are necessary, around 7 or so, to achieve a level of clearance approaching 90%, with which most people are very satisfied. Treatments would be scheduled at approximately 6-10 weeks apart, depending on the area of the body treated.
Discomfort or pain is a relative term, and each individual is different so there is no “pat” answer to this question. However, of the Lasers that we use for photoepliation (laser hair removal) each one has some form of proprietary skin chilling so as to minimize patient discomfort. In addition, we can also use topical anesthetics to numb the area prior to treatment.
Older laser devices were best suited for the fairer skinned individual with dark hair. However, with the advent of the newer Lasers, especially the 1064nm ND-YAG Laser, treatment of even the darkest skinned individuals can be accomplished with outstanding safety. PFB (pseudofolliculitis barbae) and ingrown hairs in darkly skinned persons can be completely eliminated with this device.
There is absolutely no clinical evidence to even remotely suggest that determal Laser application for the purposes of hair removal is at all harmful. Think about it logically-extremely short-lived (in milliseconds) burst of optical (light-not cumulative effect x-radiation) are transmitted into the upper mid-portion of the skin, they immediately dissipate back out into the room environment, with no possible ill effects on glands, muscles or organ systems. Obviously, as a precautionary measure, pigmented moles are not lased. Proper adherence to technique and utilization of professional prowess facilitates treatment.
In general, fees for laser hair removal procedures have decreased in the past 2-3 years with the advancements in technology. We afford our clients the option of paying per treatment or purchasing a “treatment package” of 7 visits at the discounted fee. Quite frankly, the cost for this treatment is “reasonable” given the level of technology involved.
First, and foremost, be careful with these newer “chains” that have sprung up in Massachusetts the last few years. Often employing extremely high-pressure sales tactics with only one Laser on-site and marginally trained staff; they are best avoided all together. Further, I would view with skepticism any faculty that “guarantees” results as these are medical procedures and it cannot be ascertained prior to treatment, the precise degree of hair reduction in any individual. The Laser Skin Center Medical Spa offers its clients the very latest in Laser technology, fully trained competent staff and on-site physician supervision by Drs. Russ Krausser and Adam Beck.


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